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Карта отеля

Карта отеля


guobin1976score:5.0 / 52021-01-26

This is returned from the Dali, is still the same evaluation well. good. very close to the train station, just a bit North could not be found. the counter on the second floor, and more difficult to find. the hotel has said there is no room, and gave me a free upgrade to a junior suite ... Yes, Yes ... hehe.
lywey1score:4.8 / 52021-01-25

Nice, high cost performance
jiababy2005score:4.5 / 52021-01-21

Hotel is good, clean facilities, shower water pressure is stable. breakfast not good, parking is too much trouble.
xc32342200score:5.0 / 52021-01-21

Good room facilities very good
e00734018score:4.3 / 52021-01-19

Convenient airport bus, walk a few steps to the
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